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• The recent financial crisis and cutbacks in Education have resulted in a proposed restructuring of the courses at London Metropolitan University

• The current course structures enable Students to have elective modules

• Key skills and knowledge is gained from elective modules that Students apply to graduate positions

• Students are already receiving reduced services for money paid to London Met

• Student fees are increasing

• All Students who know about the proposed restructuring are against it

• Students have not been properly consulted about this matter

We the undersigned do hereby express our strong opposition to the devaluation of our education. We feel that reducing the current 4*15 credit modules/semester to 3*20 credit modules/semester will be devastating to our future, giving us less choice and control over our degrees and ultimately reducing our employability prospects.

This is a despicable move by management to deal with recent cutbacks and to improve the student dropout rates. We will not accept a reduction in the already reduced services provided by London Met.

We demand our degrees be worth the paper they are printed on!

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