#Human Rights
International communities

Our days have been turned to night
Right before our very eyes
We no longer pray for sweet dreams
We only wish to wake up alive
Our future have been taken away from us
We are been threatened with extinction

What could we have done to deserve this wickedness?
Our fathers have been maimed
Our mothers battered
Our sisters have been abused, molested and harassed and killed
Right in our own land, our sons are been slaughtered

We are been treated like a ship without a captain
Boat without an anchor
Sheep without a shepherd
Our case is under reported in the media
We have cried, protested, wailed and made noise

This is not about about our farmlands, settlement, villages, town and our life investment destroyed daily by the dreaded terrorist group otherwise called FULANI HERDSMEN, it is about our lives, future, destiny and our heritage.
Our federal government, Police force, Nigerian Army and other security agencies can no longer be trusted on this matter,we need help urgently.
We call on the whole world to hearken to our voice and join us to end this intentiona ethnic cleansing and genocide in Benue state Nigeria.
I am Josephine Washima and I speak on behalf of the people of Benue.



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