#Historical Landmark Preservation
New Castle Indiana Memorial Park Board
United States of America

The New Castle Memorial Park Board and the Henry County Commisioners are moving forward and planning on moving the restored (in progress) Doughboy Memorial located on the north end of Memorial Park on SR 3 to the parking lot of the Smith Auditorium upon completion of the restoration.
This monument has been a symbol of not only our military but a welcoming beacon while entering our City from the North for years.
Restoration is great! Moving the location is not. Remove not the old landmarks!

We the undersigned, call on the Memorial Park Board and the Henry County Commissioners to scrap the relocation of the newly restored Doughboy Monument from its original location to that of the W. G. Smith Auditorium parking lot.
We contend that the original location be kept and maintained.
Monies to relocate could and should be utilized to create a pull off on SR 3 (similar to the Wright Memorial) and a short path to the Doughboy commemorating all Veterans to honor the Memorial.

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