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There has been News 12 NY coverage of building 700 westchester ave, Over a year ago displaying the nyc housing building that had its front area filled with holiday spirit, decorations, flowers and plants.

For the past few years the front of our building has been filled with plants and flowers to the point that is has become our buildings garden. I saw my first blue orchid in front of that building. So let me tell you what is so special about this "garden". The plants and flowers are put in by season; in the spring I've seen turnips, in the summer there are these poofy white flowers, during autumn its up and ready for thanksgiving /Halloween. But the winter is usually the best. Its christmas decorations (the kids and us parents appreciate this one the most, It really lightens up our holiday spirit) Its something us, the community has become very fond of.

Before this our building front was filled with just dirt and the occasional tree. After years of this FREE COMMUNITY service provided by community members, It might be taken away from us. We would like the support of our Boro and the general public to be able to continue to enjoy the beauty that has been to us by our community members.

We, the undersigned, call on NYC Housing to allow the continuation of gardening/landscaping by Hector Rivera and those who volunteer with him.

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