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The University of Texas at Brownsville is planning to close the M.Ed. in Counseling & Guidance Community Counseling Clinic in order to create office space for faculty that will be lost with the UTB-TSC split.

The clinic provides counseling services for up to 12 sessions free of charge for individuals 6 years of age and up. The services are open to the community. The mission of the UTB Community Counseling Clinic is to promote and enhance the quality of life for the community while providing professional training for graduate students completing their Master's Degree in Counseling and Guidance. Counselors are graduate students at UTB. These students have training in counseling theory, methods, human growth and development, and psycho-educational assessment.

All counselors are in the last phase of their education and training at UTB. Services are provided to 80-100 clients each semester and still there is an extensive waiting list. Clients and families that will suffer are victims of violence & trauma, suicidal clients, addicts, sex offenders, etc.

This will be a vital loss to the community. Schools, agencies, and other professionals refer clients to the community to benefit from these services because of their lack of financial resources. Once again, the community in need becomes affected with such oversight.

We, the undersigned, call on The University of Texas at Brownsville to refrain from closing the Community Counseling Clinic. Oftentimes those affected are the persons who need it most and who have limited resources.

We appeal to your sense of social responsibility and insist that you reconsider. Please allow students to continue serving the community at large.

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