#Children's Rights
Protection of children
Trinidad and Tobago

Isn't it heartbreaking about this innocent baby dying at the hands of these monsters amongst us? We need to wake up and take matters into our own hands!! I am calling all parents, family, anyone and everyone to fight back!

It's time to take back our sweet T&T!! Fight for our future generations to be safe on our streets, in our homes!

We need more government support for our children! Please let's start marching the streets holding a candlelit vigil for our children. Change begins with you!

Let's make our politicians and authorities accountable. An 8 month old baby has been murdered!

Sign this petition for more to be done to protect our children in T&T. We need more to be done and quickly. They are our future!

The government of Trinidad and Tobago need to reduce crime in our country and provide more opportunities for young people.

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