#Nursery/Community centre
Mayor of cabinet
United Kingdom

We are a community centre that is situated in the heart of a thriving community. We have been serving the community for over 20 years. Within the centre their are many different user groups providing a valuable source of information and help to some that may not of been able to access otherwise.

The council are threatening to close down our centre leaving many people vulnerable. I have a nursery within the centre that has been providing a service to parents who have under fives.

We have been serving the community for over twenty years proving we are greatly needed by: working parents, unemployed parents, single parent families, parents who are struggling, parents that are trying to get back into employment, parents who are wanting to study, parents that have a child/children who have additional needs.

We work closely with the local primary schools, social services and kaleidoscope who support families who need support with their child/children.

We the service users of BunnyHop a Day a Nursery/ Evelyn Community Centre call on the mayor of cabinet to not allow the council to knock down Our nursery/community centre.

Taking away our centre would be taking away a huge part of our community.

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