#Animal Rights
Skylar Marshall
United States of America

Every day thousands of animals die to the cause of pollution. Do you hear that? LIVING ANIMALS DIE BECAUSE OF US! BECAUSE OF OUR WASTE! BECAUSE WE ARE CARELESS TO HELP THE ENVIORMENT AROUND US! This world, this enviorment is not going to be here forever. And when a species dies out, a plant or animal, it is because of us. Becasue we love their fur or because we want something from that animal or plant. Becasue we are selfish. We only care about ourselves.

This petition is to save our enviorment and the animals that live in it. Because if we don't do something, and it wastes away, we will regret it.

If you want to save the enviorment and the animals that live and LIVED in it before us, please sign. Don't be selfish it will just take a minute of your time to save an animal's life... the enviorment's life.

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