Metropolitan Police H&F Borough Commander and Hammersmith and Fulham Council
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We, the residents of Hammersmith and Fulham, are deeply concerned about the removal of the Addison Ward SNT Sergeant Shane Joshua and the 'blending' of policing supervision and leadership across Addison and Avonmore/Brook Green. Addison Ward is one of the most densely populated Wards in the Borough, bordering upon the also densely populated Avonmore and Brook Green.

The Addison community wants stable policing and we feel that the Sergeant’s policing leadership, local experience and commitment to our neighbourhood has been and is critical to fighting crime and increasing community cohesion.

A few examples:

-Under the Sergeant's leadership, since March 2011 there has been an overall crime drop of approx 38%.

-Under the Sergeant's leadership, since April 2011 there has been an approx 54% reduction in home burglaries. During a recent spate of burglaries, the Sergeant made a decision to swap all neighbourhood policing shifts to the middle of the night and early morning. We understand it is very rare for a shift swap to be made like this, and it shows commitment to policing our community. It not only reduced crime, but improved community crime prevention.

-As a result of the work on Lakeside and nearby streets many drugs warrants have been executed. Increased numbers of warrants might 'increase offenses' reported on paper, but drugs offenses are down significantly. This is a huge priority for local residents and a key priority of the Addison Ward Panel.

-During a recent spate of vehicular theft, the Sergeant organised a decoy/target car – and four arrests were almost immediately made as a result.

-During the aftermath of the Lakeside Road shooting, the Sergeant has worked in many ways to encourage local engagement. He launched a special telephone surgery and worked with our local Councillor to re-start a neighbourhood watch on that road. This is a massive accomplishment given the reluctance of residents to come forward.

Sergeant Joshua has also done excellent work in building police and community connections.

-The Sergeant has developed a good working relationship with the Ward Councillor that regularly attends the Ward Panel Meetings. Residents value this strong collaboration.

-The Sergeant initiated biweekly policing updates by email for all community members and Neighbourhood Watches. This initiative is unique to our Ward, and we value it and the commitment to community connection.

-The Sergeant initiated weekly Street Surgeries for our Ward, at rotating times to try to make them accessible to all walks of life. Most Wards have surgeries on a once monthly or once/three weekly basis.

-The Sergeant provided important guidance in the creation of the Addison Ward Panel Website – the first Ward Panel website in the Borough http://www.addisonwardpanel.co.uk

-The Sergeant helped with the Shepherds Bush Road/Blythe Road crossing at key times, when available, to try and keep school children safe in the absence of a Council safety intervention.

Additionally, for most of the Sergeant’s term, the SNT was operating at half strength, with one Sergeant, one PC and one PCSO. The team has been at full strength for one month. There are three new members of the team, one brand new PC and two PCSOs. The new team need time to settle into the Ward under experienced leadership. We are concerned the experienced PC will have to take on roles that will reduce his ability to undertake his policing duties if the Sergeant is removed.

We are also concerned that the blending leaves both heavily populated Wards without experienced Sergeants, as the Avonmore and Brook Green Sergeant has been on long term leave and his date of return to work is unknown. Sergeant Shane Joshua has over five years of experience in this field of policing and his presence would benefit both Addison and Avonmore and Brook Green Wards.

We insist that Sergeant Joshua remain in place on Addison Ward and cover both Addison and Avonmore/Brook Green, at the very least until the Avonmore and Brook Green Sergeant has returned fit for regular duty.

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