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Bath and North East Somerset Council
United Kingdom

From September 4th 2016, the No. 6 bus will serve only FAIRFIELD PARK & the No. 7 bus serves only LARKHALL, cutting the link between the two, with NO DIRECT LINK for either LARKHALL or FAIRFIELD PARK to the LONDON RD and Morrisons, Grosvenor Park Surgery, churches, Walcot, shops and other amenities.

These changes to the routes result in :

a) fracturing the link over a steep hill to the community that has developed over decades between its two halves: Fairfield Park & Larkhall;
b) preventing residents of Fairfield Park from reaching Larkhall directly or transporting shopping home up the very steep hill. The 6A link only occurs during unsocial hours when shops are closed;
c) loss of trade for the shops in Larkhall, losing Fairfield Park customers, threatening the viability of local businesses;
d) pollution, extreme congestion and delays along Camden, which were already severe. A justification for removing the link with the London Road was to relieve pollution, congestion and delays;
e) increasing car use, which is detrimental to the environment, when we should be encouraging more people to use public transport. This contradicts the aims of B&NES Core Strategy for reducing carbon emissions.

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We call on B&NES Council to reinstate the funding and reverse the cut to the route of the 6 and 7 bus serving Larkhall and Fairfield Park. The removal of a regular connection between Larkhall and Fairfield Park has a damaging impact on the community.

Without this link or any access to the London Road and Walcot, local people, especially the elderly and those without a car, have no effective way of getting to these destinations without an unnecessarily long trip involving two buses or struggling to use the inadequate council minibus service.

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