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There have been many injuries and deaths through keeping orca whales in captivity , there have been reports of whales crashing into the walls in there tanks to an extent that they die as they are not used to the confined space so is this fair to take these beautiful creatures out of the sea where they can freely swim and be happy?

I have alot of facts to fight the point the they should be free'd and not captured, in captivity they suffer from not being able to use there echo location, forage for food or travel great distances they are not able to maintain large social networks like some orcas do in the wild , the more you learn about orcas the more we realize that no aquarium tank can ever replace the open sea , most orcas in captivity usually live shorter lives than those in the wild! They have lack of stimulation and a lack of space in which to travel , they are large brained animals that need space and need complex simulation , which only the sea can provide.

The female orcas often die in captivity while they are still in there reproductive years. This is extremely rare in the wild, the world wildlife fund agrees that in captivity orcas live a much shorter life! , imagine what it would be like if u lived in a small dark room with nothing to do , you wouldn't get to smell all the smells of outdoors, you wouldn't be able to wonder what was round the corner , you would surely become stressed out our minds like to have some problems to solve and new information to process orcas are the same, relating to orcas is pretty commonsensical because they rely on there own echo location, they are used to processing a great deal of sound when they are kept in aquariums they have no variety and no reason to use there echo location, orcas in captivity are bored and it has an effect on there health just as it would for humans, captivity causes marine mammals to lose their natural feeding and foraging behaviours, stress related conditions such as ulcers, stereotypical behaviours including pacing and self mutilation and abnormal aggression, animals that are normally peaceful in their own natural habitat can become violent when confined and removing them from there social groups is traumatizing , i hope you can all see that an aquarium is no place for a killer whale to be. http://youtu.be/AakYdQ4NrIc

This video explains the torment that orca whales and dolphins go through from being captured to put in a tiny tank, its what sea world never wanted you too see!.

To save orca whales from captivity and get them back to the sea where they belong.

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