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Veronica Mars is currently one of the best shows that is on air at the moment. In the US the Veronica Mars TV show used to be on UPN but then season 3 has been transferred to the CW. Recently when the Pussycat Dolls reality series where Veronica Mars was cut off air. During that time there has been rumours flying around about Season 4 and how Veronica Mars is going to continue.

In Australia Veronica Mars is unfortunately doing very bad. It started airing in late 2005 as part of the summer season on Channel 10 Monday 7:30 then went on Friday nights at the same time. Then after 11 episodes it was cut off air due to low ratings however around June it came back at Friday 9:30 advertised ‘the new season’ even though it was half way season 1. In August 2006 it moved to the graveyard shift otherwise known as the 10:30 timeslot and during that time channel 10 has cancelled various Veronica Mars episodes due to AFL or long movies. Now since it has recently began season 3, channel 10 announced that 3.04 (Charlie don’t surf) would be the last episode to air due to the return of Big Brother Australia.

Since Veronica Mars is not doing very well, it is best that in Australia that it starts over fresh. Channel 10 should air season 1 in a timeslot in a good and consistent timeslot and a suitable time for the aimed aged viewers.

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We, the viewers of Veronica Mars, would want Veronica Mars to have a better future for the show on all TV channels it is aired on and stand up if any TV station kicks it off air. Hopefully it will be a show that is given high regard.

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