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LET’S keep the doors open.

You may have heard the news that due to no funding, Odyssey House at Benalla will be forced to close their doors. Odyssey House says its facility at Molyullah, near Benalla, will close permanently if it does not get help from the Victorian Government.

This shortfall of funding affects many people in the North East of Victoria, and we collectively need to voice our feelings to the ‘Brack’s Government’ who consistently claim that it is a Federal Government problem.

Federal problem or not, the affects will be incurred by many people suffering from the addiction to Alcohol and/or Drugs who desperately seek to change their lives.

Please help us in keeping the doors of ‘Odyssey House’ OPEN by adding your name to the attached petition and forwarding it on to your friends and contacts.

Phillip Pye 0401 901881

We, the undersigned, wish to express concern to Hon. Lisa Neville, Minister for Mental Health, Minister for Children, Minister for Aged Care, Member for Bellarine, Parliament of Victoria of the indefinite closure of ‘Odyssey House’ at Molyullah, near Benalla.

We emphasise that the closure of the afore-mentioned drug & Alcohol rehabilitation facility is detrimental to the many afflicted who urgently require this facility and their families.

We urge the Labor Government of Victoria to continue funding of this facility.

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