#Local Government
Mayor Bloomberg and NYC Council
United States of America

Each of New York City’s three public library systems are facing budget cuts in excess of 22 percent in the coming fiscal year. Less money going into our libraries means fewer services than ever before, and that downgrade couldn’t come at a worse time.

With a New York City unemployment rate higher than 8 percent, more people than ever before are turning to libraries to make use of their job-hunting resources and to improve their professional skills. Families are looking at libraries’ vast book, DVD and video collections as affordable entertainment alternatives.

Libraries in many ways provide a foundation for community organizing – residents use their local branch’s public space as a way to connect with their neighbors, form groups and discuss issues facing the City and their community so that they can effect positive and long-lasting change.

We, the undersigned, believe that the darkness of a recession is the wrong time to cut the cornerstone of local communities and neighborhoods. We urge Mayor Mike Bloomberg and the New York City Council to maintain funding to public libraries and, in doing so, show that literacy, employment, and community activism remain priorities of New York City.

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