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Croydon Council
United Kingdom

Norbury Library is currently subject to a consultation on its possible closure. It is one of six local libraries in Croydon that are subject to this consultation.

Norbury Library is an important and well-loved part of the community and one of the few local facilities provided by the council to residents in Norbury. Please help us save it.

This is a joint effort by the Residents Associations of Norbury:

Norbury Green Residents' Association
Norbury Village Residents' Association
Pollards Hill Residents' Association
Scots Estate Residents' Association

Please come along to the public meeting on Thursday January 13th from 7.30 at Norbury Baptist Church, Semley Road, Norbury.

Petition to save Norbury Library from closure

We, the undersigned, petition the Mayor of Croydon Council to keep the Norbury Library open, to invest in repairs to the roof and to continue to provide the residents of Norbury with a much needed and well-loved library service for the local community.

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