NBC - Vernon Sanders, Executive Vice President, Current Programming
United States of America

NBC is cancelling Prime Suspect a new series that aires on Thursday evenings. Maria Bello stars as Jane Timoney, along with Aiden Quinn as the Lieutenant.

This show is about a gritty, smart lady over the age of 40 that is a New York cop. She's a tough no-nonsense woman with a soft heart underneath it all. They just began to flesh out her character with a back story of a mother that died too young of alcoholism, and a sister too young to remember.

If you are a fan of this show, or even someone who believes we should keep shows on the air that portray women over 40, please sign the petition.

I am asking we let NBC know how we feel about the cancellation, and ask they reconsider!!

If they won't reconsider, I along with others signing this petition ask ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, TNT, FX, AMC, or USA to please pick it up this show please!!

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