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The Producers of the Movie Prey

"Actress and Singer" Natalie Bassingthwaighte's first feature film, Prey, a horror movie, has finished filming and is due for release later this year. The movie is likely to be a stinker but its one possible redeeming feature is the presence of a Lesbian shower scene between Bassingthawaighte and another female co-star.

As reported through various news agencies there is a chance however that the scene may get the chop for being to "gratuitous". Ms Bassingthwaighte herself wants the scene to be included in the movie and It would be a gross violation of her human rights to have her work, her craft messed with by some heartless producer.

Who knows? If we get enough support maybe they will include and re-shoot more lesbian scenes and it will turn into some sort of pseudo soft core porno, we can only hope.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Producers of the "movie" Prey to hear our voice and to maintain the artistic integrity of Prey. The Lesbian shower romp should not only be included because of its importance to the story line, but as a symbol of the respect shown to producers to actors, respect for their craft and respect for the performance as a whole.

The Movie is likely to be a stinker but many will go and see it anyway to show support for the Australian film industry and to see the acting “talents” of Ms Bassingthwaighte. We feel that the least you could do for us then is to keep the scene as part of the movie so no matter what we at least have something to look forward to.

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