#Students' Rights
Pittsburgh PA
United States of America

Don't let the school board shut down NA's 3rd-grade string program! North Allegheny's orchestra program was not always the 1,700 student powerhouse it is today. In the early 1980's, under the direction of Mrs. Christine Loverti, NA's strings program began to soar to new heights. What was one of the most important changes she made? She had the District begin to offer string instruction in the third grade.

If your child has benefitted from the strings program this year, or ever, please consider sending an email or even attending. One this Wednesday, 4/19, at 7:00 PM and one next Wednesday, 4/26, at 7:00 PM (where votes will be cast.)

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Sign your name and let the NA school board they must not cut the 3rd-grade string program.

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