#Children's Rights
London borough of sutton

In November 2012 Social Services tricked Sophi's mother who was ill in hospital to sign a section 20 with the promise that she would get her back but this never happened.

When the mother was discharged the social worker appeared with a car seat and took the child. Sophie was then placed in foster care and then her second foster carer neglected her, Sophie was ill many times and never been ill under our care apart from diarrhea then she had poor personal hygiene, was fed in the cold in the snow in the back seat with both car doors open and had conjunctivitis and then the foster carer allowed her daughter to drive to the contact centre 5 miles away on a provisional licence on her own with no L Plates, despite myself and the mother raising concerns the social worker did not take any action until the staff at the contact centre became involved.

All maternal and paternal family assessments were made negative including one of the paternal aunt who actually works for the local authority with 22 years experience as a team leader support worker with NNEB qualifications and health and social care including first aid and childcare diplomas. Her assessment was the only one that was positive until before the final hearing they made it negative stating that the paternal aunt deliberately self harms which she doesn't and has had confirmation from the GP reports that she has never self harmed as there is no history. The adoption team then made an allegation that a community paediatric doctor's reports stated negative facts of the paternal aunt who never even met the doctor, even the report is not in the court bundle and no one knows about it.

Since then the family court judge has turned a blind eye and defended the statements of CAFCASS and Independant social worker and made a care and placement order for my daughter Sophie to be Adopted.

My Sophie is heading for Adoption after social services ruined my relationship, made me leave my home.

I lost most of my possessions, and they left me in debt and now they are taking my Sophie off me for Adoption.

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