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Hailey: Why don't u follow the rules?
Meg: cuz there stupid!
Hailey: Meg, Don't lie and spam r not stupid rules.
Meg: whatever!

Those r the exact words we used!

Reason 1 of why i might delete my forum:
People r ALWAYS and CONSTENTLY fighting with/about other people! sometimes with me the admin! they think they r better then me because i maek "stupid rules" as Meg has so nicly said! these r my rules:
*No rudeness. *No spamming. This includes smiley wars, posting anything that does not relate to the discussion at all, such as posting "I love ice cream!" in a topic that is about photography, needless one-word posts, and changing the subject. *No bad words! LMAO is allowed. *No lying! If you are found making false or slanderous statements, impersonating another user, or making multiple accounts on the forum and pretending to be other people, all your accounts will be banned. *If you have a problem with someone, take it up with Lemon or the other mods, in private. If you post accusations about someone on the open forum, they will be deleted. *Discussion about or relating to movies that are rated PG-13 or above is not allowed on these forums. Pictures and quotes from such movies are not allowed in signatures and avatars. This is in the interests of younger viewers of the forum... if you want to talk about such movies you may do so elsewhere, other than on this forum. *Please do not harass the users of this forum. If they have already answered you once about something, there's no reason to ask them again and again. Users that continually harass other users are subject to chatbox banning and having their private messaging privileges removed. *Anyone that violates any of these rules is subject to banning, IP banning, and account deletion without notice. I refuse to allow someone to cause more problems, while I message them saying they are about to be banned. You do something against the rules, there's a good chance you'll get banned right away. Less serious offenses such as lots of spamming will get a warning. *I reserve the right to add more rules at any time. The rules are here to keep the forum safe, fun, and free from wacky people. *Thanks for reading!

I think they r good not stupid rules!

reason 2:
there r barly any members and even less that go on!


Please Sigh to keep my forum! D=

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