#Neighborhood Living
The Post Office
United Kingdom

The Post Office announced plans on 19 Feb to close the Murray Grove Post Office as part of its London Area Plan. Residents have until 2nd April to oppose the closure before it takes effect.

Hoxton Councillors are united in campaigning against the decision and we have launched a petition (paper and on-line) that we will deliver to the Post Office.

“This Post Office is vital for local residents and businesses in Hoxton and its closure would threaten Murray Grove’s commercial viability.”

“The alternative post offices in Old Street and on Hoxton High Street are too far away for many elderly and vulnerable residents who value having this community resource on their door step. Post offices also play an important part in local social and economic life. In Hoxton where the levels of deprivation and poor access to financial services can be particularly high we need them more than most.

"We will be fighting vigorously against the closure and believe that six weeks isn't long enough to have a meaningful dialogue with the community about these changes.”

We, the undersigned, believe that Murray Grove is a vital resource for Hoxton residents and businesses and that the alternative post offices at Hoxton Street and Old Street are too far away.

We call on the Post Office to keep Murray Grove Post Office open and invest in its future.

The Save Murray Grove Post Office petition to The Post Office was written by Philip Glanville and is in the category Neighborhood Living at GoPetition.