#Human Rights

In October 2009 Mrs Mohabbat Mahmoudi, who has endured nine years of prison, was confirmed by Iran’s Supreme Court. She then wrote a letter to Iranian citizens asking for help for her and her family.

Mrs Mahmoudi has endured being in Orumieh prison since 2000 for killing a man who attempted to sexually assault her and she is still at risk of being executed at any time.

According to reports, both wives of the victim have expressed their opposition to the execution, but the brother of the victim has not given his consent and is the one who asked for capital punishment.

Mohabbat Mahmoudi, through a letter to the human rights center of Kurdistan, has described what she has gone through in the past nine years: (thanks to Persian2English):


Mrs Mahmoudi's case has not been reported since 2009, yet she is still in grave danger of execution. Please sign the petition so we can raise awareness and prevent this gross miscarriage of misjustice.

We, the undersigned, call on our governments and the UN, to intervene to stop Mrs Mahmoudi from being executed and release her immediately so that she can return to her family.

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