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Tenterfield local council

This petition is aimed at tenterfield local council for there extraordinary decision on the operating hours placed on emu creek extreme retreat. There noise management plan is a 100% guaranteed to put a end to motorcycling in the park.

The noise metering station they want will cost around $120000 a year to keep on site and is completely irrelevant as there is no other motorcycle park or 4wd park made to run under these ridicules sanctions.

SAVE EMU CREEK EXTREME RETREAT! Please help us save yet another motorcycle facility the council's are trying to close down.

If u want places to ride and your kids and family having that awesome weekend camping beside the camp fire and talking about how that jump u did today was sooooo big. Then this petition is aimed at you.

I beg u for your help as the park is already running under these crazy operating times. Thank you all for your support. :)

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The Save motorcycle riding at emu creek extreme retreat! petition to Tenterfield local council was written by Shaun baker and is in the category Sports at GoPetition.

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