SANDS Lothian and Edinburgh City Council
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SANDS Lothian and Edinburgh City Council are currently working together in a plan to ‘landscape’ the older section of the Rose Garden at Mortonhall Cemetery.

The Rose Garden is a section of Mortonhall where babies, who were lost to us in late term miscarriages, still-birth or passed away shortly after birth, are laid to rest. In a lot of cases those who love and miss their little angels have left personal mementos of their short time with their babies at the graveside. For whatever reason, some of these loved ones no longer maintain the graves which has left some of the graves looking uncared for. It may be that mercifully some have been able to move on to a point where they do not need to visit the grave on a frequent basis.

It is the intent of SANDS Lothian and Edinburgh City Council to remove graves laid in the early 1980’s and plant over the area they currently occupy.

Such an act of desecration and indignity would not be tolerated against adult graves and we do not believe that it should be accepted against these much loved and missed babies.

We the undersigned strongly oppose any such intent.

We believe that, in consultation with interested loved ones of those resting in the Rose Garden, a suitable alternative can be identified which will not see these tiniest of souls planted over as if they had never existed.

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