Markus Persson
United States of America

The Minecraft Cause

I am doing a petition for Minecraft. I need you to help stop its creator, Markus Persson from quitting MineCraft, so I need all the help I can get for the better of video gaming and kids everywhere!

Minecraft isn't just a video game. It is an architectural game, and not as much of a video game once you think about it.

"I'm not playing video games. I'm practicing architecture", says my (awesome) brother, Sloan Snyder.

In Minecraft you can make castles in the sky, houses underwater, shoot yourself to the moon, fight off monsters, defend your terrirtory, and just have fun.

Play in "creative" mode and show off your creative skills! Play in "hardcore" mode where your difficulty level is stuck on hard and you only have one life. Try "survival of the fittest" or if you don't want to be called a "newbie", test yourself in the new world generation called "Super Flat"… nothing but bed rock (unpenetrable crust of the earth) with slimes (big squishy things that are really weird) everywhere. If you do that on "hardcore", survive, and make yourself a house, no one will ever call you a "newbie" again.

Please sign the petition to keep Minecraft alive, keep the players playing, and let more people know about Minecraft.

We, the undersigned, call on Markus Persson, creator of MineCraft, to please continue developing MineCraft.

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