the community

they want to remove a whole mental health in-pt service there will be no in0pt mental health to serve the community between oshawa general and centenery hospital. we understand the hospital is in debt 78 million dollars, but how can you remove a whole service that the people need. a priority in health care.

there will be no beds, no support, no staff and no doctors to attend to the patients needs. we are asking that everybody take this in to consideration. it is hard to understand mental health unless a family member or friend have been through some kind of mental health, but at some point it touches everybody, and we want to be there to help.

so keep our beds in durham!!!

save mental health, keep our beds in the durham region. there are many services that are going to be effected, mental health being #1 to leave durham region and novie to centenery hospital, we will be losing all mental health in pt services between oshawa general to centenery hospital which is a whole other region. why should somebody who is paying tax dollars and need the support and services close to home have to travel so far for the care that they need. what about people who are unable to finacially support this or have the support of their family for the same reason.

i am asking that you sign to keep mental health in the durham region if they take us, then what is next?

save mental health, keep our beds here. we deserve it!!!

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