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Seastorm Sports Management Group is spearheading the effort to save the Mellon Arena. The Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh is scheduled to be razed. This petition is in regards to saving it.

Mellon Arena (formerly the Civic Auditorium and Civic Arena, nicknamed The Igloo) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania primarily served as the home to the Pittsburgh Penguins, the city's National Hockey League (NHL) franchise.

Constructed in 1961 for use by the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera (CLO), Mellon Arena hosted multiple concerts, as well as hockey, basketball, tennis, boxing, wrestling, and soccer matches.

The Arena was the world's first major indoor sports stadium with a retractable roof. It is named for Mellon Financial, which purchased the naming rights in 1999.

We the people of Pittsburgh as well as Seastorm Sports Management ask for your support in regards to saving an invaluable piece of Pittsburgh history as well as supporting the proposed sports franchises that will be a major part of that salvation.

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