#Animal Welfare
United Kingdom

Stepney City Farm has decided that it can no longer keep the well known and very tame cows known as Lloyd and Leila.

The cows have lived all their lives at this farm and are so tame that they are more like pets as opposed to farm animals.

We have arranged a lifelong home for these very affectionate animals at the Hillside Animal Sanctuary but due to the fact that they do not have the relevant permits Defra will not agree to their movement.

Sadly unless Defra will grant an exemption and allow us to move the cows they will need to be destroyed .

We, the undersigned, call upon Defra to spare the lives of the two cows known as Lloyd and Leila by permitting their transit from Stepney City Farm, Stepney Way, London to the Hillside Animal Sanctuary, Hall Lane, Frettenham.

The cows have a permanent home arranged at the sanctuary, will be well cared for and will be permitted to live out the rest of their natural lives there.

The Save Lloyd and Leila petition to Defra was written by Daryl Stafford and is in the category Animal Welfare at GoPetition.

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