#Children's Rights
Cardiff County Council
United Kingdom

Llanrumney Play Centre known locally as The Barn is an open access play centre providing free play to children and young people across the East of Cardiff. This service is run by Cardiff Council's Children's Play Services, children at the centre are supervised by qualified and experienced staff. The centre and staff provide a safe, friendly space for children to play, make friends and develop skills.

Cardiff Council once again are threatening to shut down this service on the 1st April 2016, unless community associations, run by volunteers, are able to take over the running of the Centre and the service. There are approximately 400 children registered at the centre and new children signing up on a weekly basis. Where will these children go if this service is taken away from them? Llanrumney has already had their leisure centre shut for refurbishment, their youth centre closed and the service taken away from them. Parents in the east of Cardiff can little afford to pay for private childcare so where do the children go, to the streets, to face the dangers we are all to aware of.

The children of Llanrumney, East Cardiff and the rest of Cardiff have the absolute right to enjoy their childhood and be able to play in safety and without fear. Cardiff Council want to take this right away, this is the time for us to stand together and stand up and say NO leave our services alone, protect our children's right to play in a safe environment.

PLEASE show your support for Llanrumney Play Centre and Children's Play Services by signing this petition and fighting these closures. Thank you.

We, the undersigned, call on Cardiff Council to keep Llanrumney Play Centre and Children's Play Services open.

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