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Thousands of lives are lost each year because there are very few crossing points on Doha's main roads. On the Salwa road for example there is a 6 lane road with no crossings for several miles from the Ramada signals right past the Industrial area.

Pedestrians "run the gauntlet" of the fast moving traffic across Doha daily and many do not survive.

However, this is not just about saving lives. By strategically placing convenient and even air conditioned crossings it can boost the economy. Shops on both sides of the main roads would become accessible without a long drive and U-turn.

A third benefit would be too promote walking as a safe and healthy way of getting around. Qatar was recently found to be the most obese country in the world. Walking is a great form of exercise so let's make it safe

Sign below to request thet the Qatari authorities take action to develop road bridges for pedestrians on major Doha routes.

Sign to save lives, boost the economy and get people to walk more.

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