#City & Town Planning
Staffordshire Moorlands District Council
United Kingdom

We are a group opposing two planning applications one by Sainsbury's and one by Tesco's to build out of town superstores in our market town, which has a population of 19,000 approximately. We believe that these stores will destroy our historic market town centre laying waste to hundreds of years of heritage within our town centre area.

An independent survey by The National Retail Forum shows that 93 individual superstore opening led to nett job losses of 25,000. This equates to 276 per store. If these two stores are built and these statistics are replicated Leek will lose 552 jobs nett.

We the undersigned would like to object to the new out of town supermarket sites proposed by Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s in Leek for the following reasons:

• The building of either of these stores is likely to have a detrimental effect of our traditional market town centre.

• The addition of these proposed stores is likely to have an adverse effect on the viability of many existing food and non-food retailers in the town, leading to potential job losses and business closures.

• Leek already has an adequate provision of supermarkets. These sites are not necessary and will cause displacement of other businesses that may relocate outside of the town.

• The addition of a roundabout and traffic lights to allow access to the proposed stores will result in two further traffic bottlenecks adding to the existing congestion on the A53/A523 at peak times.

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