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People that go to Leeds Corn Exchange often
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Okay. I recently heard that the Leeds Corn Exchange in Leeds city centre is being changed into a food emporium.

Personally, I'm not amused. As a person who has been going to hang out there and meet friends there for the past two years, I think I have the right to take action against this.

I don't think it's acceptable that they just bounce this onto the community without even informing us what is going to be done. The shops are being removed from the building, and the owners only found out about this today (Tues. 20th Nov) I jusy don't think it should be done as it is a place some people have been meeting friends for many years and could possibly breakdown some relationships because the people involved won't be able to see each other anymore, as it may be the only place they can meet each other.

So, if you agree with me on this please sign below...

We, the undersigned, are asking the local council in the city of Leeds, to at least reconsider plans to change the use of the Leeds Corn Exchange.

We think this because of the reasons stated in the description above. We don't think it is acceptable to stop people form meeting their friends there, also as for the shops, they are very popular with the alternative people of Leeds.

Where are people like this supposed to hang out if you change the Corn Exchange. Please at least reconsider you judgement.

Save Leeds Corn Exchange.

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