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Homeowners and Renters
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This is an urgent request to tell the Las Vegas Major Oscar Goodman and the City Counsel Members to reconsider letting homeowners list their homes to tourists as Vacation Rental Homes.

Vacation rental homes offer many features such as numerous bedrooms, walking space, lounge areas, back yards, and a large range of cooking utensils, just to name a few. These features are needed for families greater than 2 to accommodate children, pets, extra family members and friends.

Big beautiful luxury homes are used to have family gatherings and to unite away from stressful environments at affordable prices. Las Vegas is a party town, lets keep it that way. That's why people come, to party. Responsible entrepreneurial adults should not have regulated laws to put an end to their incomes they have been relying on for years. This law will cause even more foreclosures and homelessness in the Las Vegas area.

I am sure the major and his counsel members were mislead by certain groups/individuals continuously making a scene as if it is dangerous to our neighborhoods. It is not. Vote in favor of Vacation Rentals in Las Vegas and stay in control of where you reside while on vacation. Save the homes that still have a chance!

If you live in the Las Vegas area or travel to Las Vegas, you should sign this petition to keep social gatherings alive in our homes, where we are safe.

We, the undersigned, call on the major and city counsel members to reconsider:

1. Saving Las Vegas homes from foreclosures that still have a chance and keep Vacation Rentals alive.

2. Do not let 1 individual outrule the whole community from having fun.

3. Allow tourists and renters to have parties in a moderate mature fashion.

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