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The remaining Larundel buildings are owned by a real estate company that don't have any plans to fix it up. It is at risk of being demolished.

These are heritage buildings and it was declined that they were to get knocked down from the council. We need to stop them from letting this building fall apart on its own rusting away.

We need as many people as we can to sign this petition to save the remaining old buildings. If we get enough I might be able to convince the current owners that I am responsible enough to take over to get Larundeal back in order again clean it up and open it for tours.

If I take ownership over the remains i promise to bring it back to life again with your help i can do this. This proof will be sent to the current owners to show them nobody wants to see this building be left the way it has been and let someone who cares to take over.

With your help Larundel will be restored once again after so many years of damage.

Let's do something before it is all gone.

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