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Coastal Erosion is a problem in the village of Lake Cathie, near Port Macquarie in NSW Australia. The State Government and the Port Macquarie Council have released 13 different options to address the erosion problem.

Unbelievably, 2 of these options involve doing nothing to prevent further erosion and the subsequent withdrawl of services such as water, electricity, sewerage & the roadway. Then possibly forcing the home owners to abandon and/or demolish their home with no or little compensation and just walk away. It defies belief that this can happen today in Australia, and if we allow this Government to do this in Lake Cathie, it will no doubt set a precedent that will negatively affect thousands of other fellow Australians, including you and your family.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to mount a campaign to send a clear message to Government from the community that this is not acceptable in Australia.

* Immediately remove the options of both a Reactive Management Strategy and a Planned Retreat Strategy from the Draft Management Plan for Lake Cathie as these options involve people losing their homes.

* Undertake to protect this small section of coastline at Lake Cathie with a revetment, groyne and beach sand nourishment as detailed in Option 10 of the Coastal Engineering Study.

* Lift the ban on Development Applications presently over Illaroo Road, Lake Cathie, so that people can sell, re-build or improve their homes as they should be able to do in a democracy without this unjust restriction on them.

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