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Knight Rider is a good show with a lot of potential. NBC ordered 22 episodes, the show was poorly received for two main reasons; one being not everyone, including myself, realized until recently the series was a reinvention of Knight Rider.

We were led to believe the show was a continuation of the story, as the 2008 movie was truly a continuation of the original Knight Rider. Secondly, the transformer and CGI effects weakened the credibility of the characters. To be blunt the fans want and action adventure series, not a transformers and CGI intensive show.

NBC quietly cut Knight Riders season order 22 to 17 episodes. NBC stresses that "Knight Rider" isn't canceled -- but the downsized order isn't a good sign for the remake.

NEW[the NBC ordered reboot of Knight Rider has returned the series its originally represent storyline. The series is a continuation of the original series and increasing in popularity.]

To: Angela Bromstad
100 Universal City Plaza
Building 1320E 4th Floor
Universal City, CA 91608

RE: Knight Rider

We, the undersigned, ask that you reconsider the decision to reduce the number of episodes ordered for Knight Rider.

We feel that Knight Rider was, poorly received, partially due to the misrepresentations of the series to the viewing audience; however steps are being taken to correct these issues and increase the viewing audience and fan base of the series. We believe reducing the number of show from 22 to 17 will not allow the series a fair and reasonable opportunity to recover from failing ratings. It is our concern that this may cause a premature cancellation of the series, without giving the series a full and fair opportunity to fully recover.

Although The Nielsen system is outdated, and does not fairly represent the amount of people watching. We understand it is the industry standard for obtaining viewer interest in a particular television show. It is our sincerest hope that this petition will represent to you the commitment of the public in support of Knight Rider as a series.

NBC obviously believed in Knight Rider enough to order all 22 episodes. The series can be a viable resource for NBC if you allow the series to reboot and follow the path set in the 2008 movie. It is our belief that NBC has invested a considerable amount of capitol into producing the show, set cost, prop costs, salaries. Knight Rider is a viable product, if produced, marketed and delivered properly. We ask NBC to not allow a slow start and a poor economy cause a hasty decision that in the end will cost NBC money and viewers.

[Amendment to petition to save Knight Rider January 30, 2009.
The intent of this petition shall remain unchanged by this amendment; as the intention of this petition was to intercede prior to the cancellation of the TV series Knight Rider.

At the time this petition was originally authored Knight Rider was still in production. To expect NBC recommence filming on a show that has closed for the season would be an unreasonable request and un obtainble.

Therefore following the original spirt and intent of the petition, we hereby amend the relief sought in the petition to read:]

[NEW: By affixing my signature below, I would respectfully ask NBC to review this petition, the support it shows, and consider favorably the renewal Knight Rider for a second season.]

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