#Neighborhood Living
City of Holdfast Bay Council

The renowned Kingston Park Kiosk/cafe located on the Kingston Park beachfront, adjacent to the caravan park, has long been a community hub for the area.

A picturesque environment for a coffee, breakfast or lunch for locals, visitors, caravaners and tradespeople working in the area. It has also been an important meeting place after walking dogs on the beach.

The kiosk closed in May last year as a result of the leaseholder and the council failing to reach agreement on a new lease.

Over the last few months we have been endeavouring to work with Council to reopen the kiosk- offering something the area sorely lacks, a local funky cafe.
We have been advised that the kiosk is located on an SA water easement and that SA Water will not allow the kiosk to operate and want the building removed. We have discovered that this is not the case and SA Water approvals are in place.

Council have also advised that the building is not in a suitable condition to operate as a kiosk. We believe that with some maintenance and minor works it can be brought into compliance.

Council plans to build a new kiosk/cafe within the caravan Park as part of the refurbishment of that area.
We truly believe that locals and beach-goers will not be inclined to go into the Caravan Park to go to a kiosk/cafe. To lose the current facility is to lose an important part of our neighbourhood.

We urge you to sign this petition which will be presented to the City Of Holdfast Bay Council and will hopefully encourage them to refurbish the existing building and bring it back in to operation.

PLEASE NOTE: We understand that the Council are reluctant to recognise petitions that do not carry a street address of the respondent.

We the undersigned urge the City of Holdfast Bay Council to reconsider its plans to remove the existing Kingston Park Beach kiosk/café.

We ask that you listen to local residents (whom you represent) and visitors, in asking that the current facility, a much frequented and necessary hub, be retained.

We ask that Council does not include a cafe in the refurbishment of the Brighton Caravan Park and allows private enterprise to run the existing kiosk/cafe.

The Save Kingston Park Beach Kiosk/Cafe petition to City of Holdfast Bay Council was written by Desmond DeCean and is in the category Neighborhood Living at GoPetition.