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United Kingdom

We are Parental Action Group looking to retain Kingscote playing fields for the school boys and community rather than be developed for executive residential homes.

The playing fields form an integral part of the boys' daily lives and are where they run, play and enjoy games. In addition they offer, green open space for the whole community to enjoy.

We oppose the residential development of the playing fields as this will:

1. Lead to the permanent loss of land for community and reduce further the green space in an already over built area

2. Deprive the school and nursery boys of their playing fields. This is a place where they can run, play games such as football and learn about nature. This resource is also crucial in helping to promote games and sports so crucial in developing a healthy way of life for them. In addition, Kingscote Nursery is one of the few in the area where the boys enjoy green space and we hope that this remains

3. Cause tremendous short and long- term access, parking and congestion issues close to what is a very busy junction;

4. Cause potential environmental damage and be a loss of a natural habitat to wildlife bordering a conservation area;

5. Create risk of flooding in an area where drainage is an issue;

6. Create health and safety issues to young boys during the construction period.

We, the undersigned, completely oppose the development of the playing fields for residential use and the permanent loss of land as playing fields and for community use.

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