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Lisburn City Council
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In recent years there has been growing public concern at the loss of open space to alternative uses. The use of land as open space, however, is no less important than other uses.

It is a valuable resource and the Department attaches great importance to its retention, for once built on it is almost certainly lost to the community forever. Accordingly, the Department will operate a general presumption against the loss of open space to competing land uses.

- Taken from The Planning Service – Planning Policy Statement 8

The Corporate Services Committee, part of Lisburn City Council, as recorded in their minutes are intending to replace the informal open space at Killeaton, Queensway, Dunmurry with 39 Allotments, A car Park and an access road. This open space has been in use by the local community since it became the property of the council in 1966. It has remained as informal land since then. 14 years ago the council consulted the local community and gave choices as to other uses for the land. It was deemed that the land was best serving to the community as open space and should be left as such.

The council have noted that there is a high demand for allotments and have over 100 people on a waiting list. There already have 55 allotments about 200 yards from the Killeaton Field and they have not explained why the attached council park, that is generally unused beside the allotments, has not been considered for the these additions. The council should also note that according to Angela Nelson of SinnFein, the Colin Neighbourhood Partnership Board's Environmental sub-group has successfully sought Peace111 financial resources for land from Invest NI to create 250 allotments.

To that end, and the fact that Peace 111 funding must attract cross-community support. I recommend the council adopt this approach rather than pursuing their proposed intention.

The community has again expressed its wish not to lose this open space and remind the council that any loss to Killeaton open space that does not benefit the local community is in direct contravention of Planning Policy Statement 8. They can not demonstrate that their proposals are support by the local community.

Killeaton Field, Save Open Spaces Sub-Committee of Lambeg & District Rate Payers Association are submitting this petition to Mr Colin McClintock- Director of Environmental Services and Acting Director of Corporate Services of Lisburn City Council.

- In the Lisburn City Council’s Corporate Services Committee minutes of 08.03.2011 it was indicated that it is proposed to create allotments on a third of the informal open Space at Killeaton. This Open Space benefits from the protection afforded by OS1 of the Planning Services Planning Policy Statement 8.

We the undersigned strenuously object to this proposal.

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