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Diageo has announced that it is to close the Johnnie Walker plant in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire and another plant in nearby Hurlford with the loss of up to 800 jobs.

Johnnie Walker is the world’s leading brand of Scotch Whisky, with Johnnie Walker Red Label being the world’s best selling whisky.

Johnnie Walker was established in Kilmarnock in 1820 and has been connected with the town ever since. Every bottle of Johnnie Walker whisky sold around the world bears the town’s name.

Diageo does not deny that the Kilmarnock plant is profitable. Its focus is on making greater profits by restructuring its operations in Scotland.

History plays a major part in the appeal of whisky but it would appear that Diageo places no value on that history or on the loyalty shown to the Johnnie Walker brand by the Kilmarnock community for almost 200 years.

It will be a hammer blow to everyone in Kilmarnock if Diageo goes ahead with these closures.

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A campaign to retain the plants has been established, led by East Ayrshire Council. For news of the campaign, please visit the website at:


We, the undernoted:

deplore the decision to close the 'Johnnie Walker' facilities in Kilmarnock and Hurlford;

remind Diageo that the people of Kilmarnock have nurtured 'Johnnie Walker' since 1820, producing the world's number 1 selling whisky;

in light of Kilmarnock's past and continuing contribution to Diageo, consider that the company owes this community its support;

urge the Board of Diageo to honour the historic link between Kilmarnock and the Johnnie Walker brand by reversing this decision;


call on all parties to consider every option that will ensure a future for these plants.

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