Trinidad and Tobago

The Union of Members Clubs and Lottery Workers are :
• Over 9,000 direct employees currently work in the industry.
• Most are single mothers, limited education live in depressed poor communities
• Some trying to move away from a life of crime to honest work
• Over 30,000 indirect jobs created because of this industry
• The industry employs the services of, taxi drivers, caterers , decorators , florists, pest control personnel , air-condition and refrigeration personnel , electricians, plumbers , IT support , security guards and local entertainers and musicians employment year round.
• Employees earn competitive salary that affords them a decent lifestyle
• Employees are trained and most have worked in the industry for most of their working life
· Every Bar and small business with Amusement machine will be severely affected if not forced to close down.
It is because of our expertise in this industry we strongly disagree and reject the Minister of Finance announcement to impose a gaming tax of over 100%. The last time the industry was taxed without fit and proper consultations it resulted in the contraction of the industry and the loss of jobs.
The government must understand that the problems of the present economic crisis cannot be solved by unreasonably taxing the gaming industry which will led to its death. The Gaming Industry workers cannot be singled out and targeted by the Government to solve the national finances.
WE the employees of the gaming industry are painfully aware that the industry is incapable of withstanding this oppressive and harsh taxation. The government cannot be allowed to proceed under the misapprehension about the industry and formulate government policy which will detrimental to the industry.
The employees knows that the irresponsible taxation measures of the government will result in almost massive job loss in the gaming industry.
The Imposition of this punitive taxation measures is equivalent to the closure of Caroni (1975) Ltd and the retrenchment of over 9,000 workers

We, the undersigned, call on the government to lessen the taxation of members club licences.

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