Eastleigh Borough Council
United Kingdom

Friends of Itchen Valley Country Park (FIVCP) are a group currently campaigning to stop the proposed building of a Go Ape Visitor Attraction in the park. The development would mean reducing the quality of public access to the small wooded area in the park.

Furthermore, it will have a negative environmental impact on a currently charming and peaceful woodland walk which is close to an SSI and SAC. This will include increased noise, tree felling, re-routing of public footpaths and damage to ground cover.

The woodland in our park should be defended for the 'Common Good' and it should be cherished and kept wild and peaceful.

In the right place – Go Ape can be an excellent attraction. But that ‘right place’ is a large and remote forested area. Go Ape's new site close to Southampton will be taking peaceful woodland from the urban public.

Although Go Ape will take up only a small % of the parks acreage, it will impact on most of the smaller woodland and most frequently used areas. Entry will be around £45 for one adult and a child.

Go Ape might be appropriate on private land, or within large remote forests where their impact will be minimal. However, the quality of access to public parks should not be affected.

The park belongs to the public and Eastleigh Borough Council should consult with them properly, fairly and honestly. The 'consultation' that has taken place was not widely publicised and therefore was not part of a meaningful process.

The public should be able to enjoy the same peaceful woodland that currently exists with no restriction and reduction in the quality of that access.

The Go Ape visitor attraction expects 30,000 people to enjoy a "High Wire Forest Adventure". We assert that enjoyment should be in a large FOREST and not a small urban woodland.

We, the undersigned, petition Eastleigh Borough Council to reject the proposal to build a Go Ape Visitor Attraction in Itchen Valley Country Park.

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