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To: United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon,United States President, Barack Obama European Unio
South Sudan

On December 15, 2013, South Sudan witnessed what they hoped they could never witness again: sounds of guns and bombs. Fear of death and intense insecurity befell South Sudan and threatened the vulnerable, two year old democracy.

In a sad reminder of the tragic past, some civilians had to hide under their beds, others sought shelter in United Nation compounds which were attacked, others got killed intentionally or unintentionally and others had their homes burnt down and their livelihood summarily destroyed.

After living through the horrors of two civil wars, South Sudanese should not be allowed to go through the same suffering again. The world cannot afford to watch, or allow another Rwanda, as political situation in South Sudan takes tribal dimensions.

‘Tribe’ is only a political tool and not the genesis of the problems in South Sudan. South Sudanese civilians have no hand in the creation of the crisis except the fact that they are the ones now bearing the brunt of the crisis.

Over 1,000 have died most of whom being civilians and more than 50, 000 are now facing death, starvation, thirst and a deteriorating security situation in the country. Mass graves have been discovered. There is now a genocide in South Sudan, of epic proportions.

As peace loving South Sudanese, we are calling all peace-loving people in the world, friends of South Sudan and the international community to save the lives of civilians caught in this political crisis by:

• Calling for the United Nations to peacefully Intervene.
• Encouraging the warring parties to allow unhindered access to the world media in order for the world to have objective assessment of the unfolding humanitarian crisis in South Sudan.
• Call for an Emergency session of the United Nations Security Council to discuss a Peaceful Resolution of the conflict.
• Bolstering emergency relief services (food, water, medicine, shelter) for refugees.
• Calling on the Ugandan and Kenyan Military to exit the country as their presence would exacerbate the problem and leads to more suffering.
• Calling for the deployment of more United Nations Peacekeeping Forces on the ground in South Sudan to prevent further violence and protect innocent civilians.
• Calling on President Salva Kiir Mayardit to release the prisoners so negotiation can take place without hindrance.
• Calling on the field commanders and former Vice President, Riek Machar to be very vocal in relation to protection of civilians.

We, the peace-loving citizens of South Sudan and the world and all well-wishers all over the world, call on you to protect the innocent civilian lives being lost in South Sudan by bringing about speedy end to the current crisis in South Sudan.

We implore you to:

• Make protection of civilians a priority through deployment of formidable and neutral force that can adequately protect civilians.
• Forcefully encouraging the warring parties to make protection of civilians central to their agendas.
• Mobilize provision of services for thousands of civilians in need of food, medicine and water.
• Encourage unhindered access to objective reporting of the crisis by international media in order to better understand the crisis.

We Want Peace in South Sudan and All Across The World. That Which Unites Us, Is Stronger Than That Which Divides us.

Please Sign This Petition, Raise Your Voice For Peace, Justice and Freedom. Save Innocent Lives In South Sudan and Prevent Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity.

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