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Sourav Ganguly fans, Kolkata Knight Riders’ (KKR) team supporters, and Indian cricket lovers across globe are greatly shocked, flabbergasted and humiliated by observing the recent IPL-3 award nomination pattern.

Sourav Ganguly despite being in tremendous batting form and one of the top contenders for ‘Orange cap’ for highest run getter in IPL-3, was not selected for best batsman category for IPL award Night to be held on 23rd April,2010.

After the group league, he stood at No. 3 in run getting with a 68 runs short from highest run getter Sachin Tendulkar (561).

Sourav Ganguly is/was selected for two categories:

Best captain:

Best catch:

Sourav took four marvelous catches in this IPL which were just a treat to your eyes! Sourav Tiwari ( First MI match) and Jadav's ( Delhi match) close-in blinders and then the stupendous catch of Yusuf Pathan of RR ( Compared to 1983 Kapil Dev's Richard catch in final and closer in nature Martin crowe's catch in 1987 Reliance Cup which was selected eventually the best catch in the tournament). In the last match against MI, again he was awarded Karbon Kamal catch for another superb catch!

IPL committee (actually BCCI) is doing every bit of politics by not giving DADA the nomination for best fielder this time! Sourav Ganguly- the best fielder!!
They (BCCI) and his critics can't think of!! At 38 , a person is showing this much of fitness - Dada's naysayer can't digest the fact and hence can't show the generosity and justice a bit to him. That's the level of Indian cricket authorities’ impartiality or better say - narrow lobbing and parochialism! If there is no backer for you in cricket board, board will not do any justice to you at all.

And the bigger politics the IPL award committee shows as Sourav Ganguly was not mentioned in best batsman nomination at all. All from top five run getter got selected except Sourav(Dada) despite being in top 3 run getter !! How ridiculous and shameless IPL governing body and award jury can be!

Dada scored nearly 500 runs (493) with an average of nearly 38 -- 37.92) Yusuf pathan is in the nomination list almost with 160 runs short of Sourav Ganguly with an average of 27! Strike rate can't be the excuse because Sourav Ganguly (SR -117) and Kallis' SR (119) are almost comparable. Another man, Murli Vijay is in nomination with same average of Dada with a 75 runs short of him! Srinivasan (BCCI Secretary) and Srikanth's (Selection Commitee chairman) Tamilnadu dominates now Indian cricket very shamelessly with addition of Lalit Modi's Rajasthan in this IPL-3. And that's why Murali Vijay and Yusuf are 'IN' in nomination and Sourav is 'OUT' despite being much better consistent bat in IPL-3!

Millions of cricket fan across globe perceive this incidence and recent actions of IPL award committee and jury as a conspiracy against Sourav Ganguly and the crux of this controversy is – special favouritism to a certain group of people. Cricket lovers also apprehend that without the morale support of a section of IPL and BCCI officials, award committee may not have attempted such a ludicrous and obnoxious nomination process which eventually questions the transparency and the integrity of IPL governing body.

We Indian cricket lovers see this action, as a deliberate malicious ploy and attempt against an iconic, statistically one of the most successful Indian cricketers in IPL 2010 and the best performer of Kolkata Knight Riders.

Hence, we Indians, KKR supporters and Sourav Ganguly fans are extremely annoyed and upset over such nomination process of IPL cricket body which lacks right selection yardstick and benchmark to a great extent.

Sourav Ganguly being our national pride, iconic cricketer in IPL and an international ambassador of cricket, we feel that our national image has been tarnished with such obnoxious act of IPL governing body in front of so many foreign players present in IPL and the rest of the cricket fraternity. It is needless to say that cricket, the game of etiquette, and its fraternity both have been humiliated as well with this malicious award nomination process by IPL governing body.

IPL chairman, Mr. Lalit Modi is rightfully answerable to the entire cricket fraternity for his inconsistency and irregularities in action. He should take the onus of the wrong, doubtful award nomination process and make the necessary correction with immediate effect to bring more transparency in whole award giving process.

Support and show the solidarity for Dada!

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On behalf of --- Indian cricket lovers, Kolkata Knight Riders’ supporters and millions of fans of former Indian cricket captain Mr. Sourav Ganguly, website www.welovesourav.com and its fraternity, world cricket fraternity and finally countrymen we bring this very disturbing issue into the notice of IPL governing body, Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI), and Sports ministry of Govt. Of. India with a very strong demands that -

1. BCCI with the help of right set of information from IPL governing and technical bodies should take (or should catalyse to take by IPL governing body) an exemplary action against IPL award committee with an immediate effect, so that in future none can play around with the very basic contour of award nomination process strategy and malign game’s ethics and etiquette.

2. IPL Management must take necessary exemplary action against award jury for ridiculing the ethos of nomination process.The present IPL award nomination should be dismantled with immediate effect for its lack of transparency and irregularities in nomination as right yardstick was not followed. For the same, the chairman of IPL Mr.Lalit Modi is answerable to all Indian cricket lovers and followers for gross irregularities in award nomination.

3. BCCI should also be extra cautious about its iconic cricketer’s dignity so that none can really malign their image in name of business or cheap entertainment compulsion. After all such iconic cricketers are demi god in the Indian sub continent and once their image is impacted negatively; their followers Indian are emotionally affected quite naturally.

4. BCCI and Sports ministry of India should take a note of the fact that an obnoxious nexus between a section of IPL Management and few business mandarins is trying to malign the image of cricket by debasing it to a circus with some clownish action – one of which is this year IPL award nomination process. The sanctity of the game should be maintained at any cost and it should not be replaced by just entertainments and gimmicks.

5. Finally under ‘Right to Information’ act – every Indian, cricket lovers, Knight Riders and Sourav Ganguly supporters has the RIGHT to get the information on present IPL award nomination process and IPL chairman has to share those nomination criteria in public to come clean in public.

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