Current Families, Alumni and Neighborhood of Horizon Hills Parenting Program
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Dear CVUSD School Board,

We understand that you have a difficult decision to make. You need to find a home for a small number of the students (approx. 88 this year) to be educated. The Parenting Program at Horizon Hills educates 686 voting FAMILIES (minimum of 1372 bodies a week) not including the Adult School Community Service classes.

Please keep in mind that this is more than just 10 classrooms.
1. Removing us from THIS campus will fundamentally change the program which is play-based and must include the ability for the child to play outside whenever they like.
2. THIS location is a CERTIFIED Outdoor Classroom.
3. THIS location has a play yard for each class which is appropriate for the age of the children in that classroom.
4. THIS location has a play river, climbing hill, large bike yard, large sand pit, full-grown trees as well as plant-life, a certified monarch butterfly sanctuary and a huge yard for the multi-age classes.
5. THIS location has the clay room in which the children create 2-4 projects per year.
6. THIS location has age-appropriate classrooms.
7. THIS location has murals and lofts in every classroom.

Removing the Parenting Program from THIS Horizon Hills campus will dismantle this program. It will cease to exist without the campus that we have built up over the past 30 years into what it is now.

There are currently 686 families at THIS campus. These are Voting adults with children who are signing the petition to keep the Parenting Program at THIS HORIZON HILLS LOCATION.

We, the CVAE Pareting Program at Horizon Hills current, alumni and neighboring VOTING families, call on the CVUSD Board of Directors to retain the program at the Horizon Hills campus location.

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