#City & Town Planning
City of Dallas Texas
United States of America

Zoning Variance has been submitted to clear cut 4 acres for high density development in a flood plain between Ash Creek and White Rock Lake. We are requesting less density, no change in zoning and a plan to retain the largest and oldest trees. We have presented our opposition to the zoning change at one Planning Commission in May and August. In the meantime, the city of Dallas has introduced new programs concerning the perservation of trees in the city. We want them to start saving trees now.

We the undersigned oppose the zoning proposal Z 201-214 at the southwest corner of Highland Road and Barbaree Boulevard. We request that the current zoning 7.5 remain in place and the oldest and largest trees be preserved.
We recognize our neighborhoods bordered by White Rock Lake, White Rock Creek, and Ash Creek are unique and fragile. Some of the land is in the floodplain. We are concerned how the density of the proposed development will effect our lives concerning our health with alteration of flood plain, green space, and urban forest. This proposal is not compatible with existing properties.

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