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Help Save Hawaii Lifeguards

We humbly request your endorsement of a bill (updated to HB2627) which will come before the State Legislature. If passed, this bill forms a new bargaining unit for Hawaii’s lifeguards. Its primary benefit is to give autonomy to the lifeguard organization similar to police and fire. Since 1970, we have been part of HGEA’s BU3 with a membership of 23,000. Almost all are clerical workers. There are 300 lifeguards represented. As you might imagine, our voice is very quiet in such a large group and our concerns and objectives are different from those of the other 22,700 members. This bill can add a tremendous dynamic to lifeguard operations, a tighter force to protect locals and visitors on Hawaii’s shorelines.

Please use the Comment section to further express your opinions and concerns. Non-residents are welcome to sign & voice your opinion, was your visit to Hawaii made more safe, were you helped by our Lifeguards. Then let our Legislature know how.

If you would like to express your support with written testimony, email testimonies are good PDF formatted and regular mailed testimonies are best. A sentence, a paragraph, a page are all welcome.

Please forward your testimonies to:
Jeff Morelock, North Shore Lifeguard Association Secretary
55-145 Naupaka St., Laie, HI 96762 or jeffmorelock@hawaii.rr.com

Mahalo for your support.

Hawaii Ocean Safety Lifeguards

We, the undersigned, support the State of Hawaii Ocean Safety Lifeguards in their pursuit of forming a new bargaining unit in the HGEA union. It would require a bill to be presented to the State Legislature (HB2627 - SB2627).

It's primary benefit would be to reflect the needs and unique job characteristics of being an Ocean Safety Officer. It would be similar to the bargaining units of the police and fire personnel.

This bill will add a tremendous dynamic to their operations. It's ultimate goal is to provide better protection to both local residents and visitors on Hawaii's shorelines.

Mahalo, North Shore Lifeguard Association

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