#Neighborhood Living
David Dewes - DA Councillor
South Africa

There is currently an informal settlement on the open ground near the Roodepoort Rugby Club.

Hamberg and surrounds have been assaulted with loud music emanating from the settlement since 2011.

The music plays every-night, all-night. Closing windows does not help.

No doubt other nefarious actions have also been perpetrated by residents of this settlement.

The government is planning to move in another 600 squatters into this area shortly unless we all stand together and oppose this action.
Squatters, whose water and electricity will be paid for by us

Things will only get a lot worse for ourselves and our families unless we the people who live and pay rates and taxes in these areas take a stand.

We the undersigned call on the government to protect the areas and legal residents of Hamberg, Florida lake and surrounds by not allowing any further influx of squatters onto this ground and to immediately clear the existing informal settlement.

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