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President of India, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Subject : Innocent Indian Umrah Pilgrims Looted inside Holy Masjid E Haram , Mecca, Saudi Arabia & Holy Masjid E Nabvi , Madinah, Saudi Arabia

We hereby appeal to your respected office, for your kind consideration about incidents of Theft, looting in Masjid E Nabvi ( Holy Prophet’s Mosque) in Madinah, Saudi Arabia and inside Masjid E Haram , Mecca

Facts of the Case: Innocent Indian Pilgrims being victimized and Looted

Innocent Indian Pilgrims , who visit Madinah, Saudi Arabia during Haj carry Cash Money with them to cover the expense of their Journey are being looted inside Masjid E Nabvi, ( Holy Prophets Mosque), Every year thousands of Muslims from all over India visit Madinah , the Highest visitors are during Haj and Ramzan Umrah. Most of the Pilgrims are first time visitors and also most of the pilgrims are Non Arabic Speaking , these Non Arabic Speaking pilgrims are being Victimized and looted inside Masjid E NabvI. These Victims are inhumanly treated by the Saudi Authorities, their complains are not recorded and they are not given justice. Their Biggest weakness is that they are unknow to Arabic language. There is a Gross Violation of Human Rights done to Indian Nationals who are visiting Saudi Arabia for Pilgrimage, Saudi Authorities (specifically inside Masjid E Nabvi) do not assist Non Arabic Speaking Visitors, specially Indians, There is No Assistance provided to these Innocent Victims. Also According to the Details of these incidents know to us and My Personal Experience, There are some Saudi police and Saudi Security personal who are involved in this Racket of Looting Pilgrims, More details are given below. I myself and my family am also the Victim of this Looting. I was looted in Ramzan 2011.

Year wise list of Indians Looted in Saudi Arabia During Haj ( Source, Ministry of External Affairs, Gov. of India)
YEAR 2007 2008 2009 2010
RTI Reply from Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India Enclosed

We States As Follows:

1. Victims are being looted and Pick Pocketed inside Masjid E Nabvi, Specially during Visiting the Holy Grave of Holy Prophet.

2. After being looted, Victims face difficulty in reporting the matter to Security Guards in Holy Prophet’s Mosque, because most of the pilgrims are Non Arabic speaking. Gross injustice is done to these people, they are not having any money, they cannot afford to say in hotel or even buy food , they have no knowledge or resources to report the matter to Indian embassy in Saudi Arabia, and even if the matter is reported then the Respective embassy replies that they have no control over this issue of pick pocketing and this matter can be handled by Saudi authorities alone, Al Madinah Police , does not write the complain of the victim .

3. Most Incidents are reported during Ramzhan Umrah .Number of Pilgrims in Ramzhan Umrah is more that Pilgrims in Haj.

4. The Victims are unable to contact the Nearest Embassy, because they have no money. Thousands of Such cases remain unregistered. Even if he Case is registered the Saudi authorities have do nothing to solve this problem permanently. Even after having so many CCTV Cameras, how can Saudi Authorities fail to stop this mess of Pick Pocketing? Also Saudi Authorities have not installed CCTV Camers in Women Section in Masjid E Nabvi, hence most of the Thefts are reported form womens section.

5. The Victims are in a Very Helpless condition, many of the pilgrims are over 60yrs of age, most of the pilgrims are unaware of the embassy Location, even the Embassy cannot solve this problem, and The Victims are forced to beg for food. These Pilgrims, who come to Makkah and Madinah with big dreams, by spending their live long savings, are made to beg!!! in the city of Holy Prophet, the Guest of Allah are made to beg for food. This is shame on Humanity and Saudi Arabian Government, who does not take proper care of Pilgrims.

6. There is a Gang of Robbers who Pick Pocket and Loot the Pilgrims in broad day light. The Saudi Security Guards and Saudi Police are not co operative to the Victims.

7. We believe that some of the Saudi Security Guards of the Holy Prophets Mosques ( Masjid E Nabvi) are involved in assisting the robbers, Among so many pilgrims it is very difficult for the robbers to identify targets , specifically which person has hidden money on where, some female pilgrims make hidden pockets underneath their dress, now I ask how can these robbers come to know , that which women pilgrim has hidden money where , and that too so specifically that within seconds the pick pocketer uses a Blade and tears open the Hidden pocket takes the money and gets away between Black veil clad women. The Answer to this is that in the women’s section, the female security guards at the enterence of holy Prophets Mosque are checking women pilgrims with bare hands, here these security officers get an opportunity to know that which pilgrim has hidden money where, even the purse of the pilgrims are being checked, and these security officers are having knowledge that which person is carrying how much cash. This information is passed by these Security officers to the Thieves and Robbers, who now can target only specific persons and loot them. . Most of the Looting happens in the Womens section, because there are only limited specific timings when women pilgrims are allowed for visit the Grave of Holy Prophet, and this is the time when the Looting takes place the most, I further ask why have Saudi authorities made such a limited timings for the Women pilgrims, this acts as a breeding ground for looting and pick pocketing innocent pilgrims, these pilgrims who cannot trust any in the foreign country ( Saudi Arabia) and are unknown to arabic language carry their all cash with them , and they are being looted while they are waiting in line to visit the Holy Prophets grave, the Reason is because no Complains are taken by these Guards, Where Saudi Flaunts about the Arrangement done by them for Haj and Umrah Pilgrims, then why have Saudi Government failed to solve this issue, we have alone sent many letters to the Saudi King, Saudi Embassy in India, but the Saudi Government has shown no response, they have not even given a reply.

Appeal for Justice

In the Name of Almighty Allah, we request you to take this matter with the Saudi Government and make a policy to protect Indian citizens and the Human Beings as a whole, visiting Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umrah. The matter needs to be take seriously because as per our information every day thousands of pilgrims are being looted, these pilgrims are helpless and are forced to beg for their living, the Pilgrims are in a very bad situation . This is the Biggest Volition of Human Rights done on an International Level, Further citizens represent country , you can imagine how shameful it is that Indian citizens are being also victimized and forced to beg for food. This is Insult and Disrespect of Islam, Prophet Muhammad and Human Beings as Whole. We have framed some suggestion for your kind consideration for protection of Haj and Umrah Pilgrims. We appeal to you to kindly take appropriate measure and action to protect all Indian pilgrims.


1. Reporting the matter to the Saudi Government and Requesting the Saudi Government to solve issue. We have Written Dozens of Letters to H.M. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, and to Saudi Embassy in India, but we have not even received a single reply.

2. Framing of Policy for Protection of Indian Hajj as well as Umarh Pilgrims.

3. Arrangement of temporary Banking Facility for Indians in Mecca and Madinah, so that the Pilgrims can Deposit their Valuables safely in bank. This is the real solution to the problem; the Pilgrims carry cash with them because they have no proper facility to store the valuables and cash.A temporary Banking Facility or a Debit card facility will help the Pilgrims.

4. Introduction of Help Cell for Assistance of Indian Pilgrims during Hajj as well as Ramdhan Umrah, the Help cell ideally should be stationed in Mecca and Madinah near the Haram Sharif. These help cells should have someone who can assist your citizens for translation. Facilities of Translators and interpreter to solve the Language problem.

5. Same treatment to be give to Indians Travelling for Pilgrims during Ramzan Umrah

6. Introduction of Security Checking instruments, as same as used in Airports to check the pilgrims, inside Masjid E Nabvi and Masjid E Haram, By Saudi Government.

7. Requesting Saudi Government to increase the timings of women pilgrims for visiting the Holy Prophets grave be made 24 hours just as for men, so that there is no opportunity for the thieves to take undue advantage to pick pocket during rush gathering to visit Holy Prophets grave .

8. A 24 hours Helpline number for assisting the Victims. Creating a Victims Re habitation Fund or some kind of Insurance cover to help the Victims. This Fund be made for both Hajj as well as Umrah Pilgrims.

9. Complusory Insurance Policy for All Indians travelling for Hajj and Umrah, to cover up losses by theft.

10. Providing same Protection facilities to Pilgrims in Ramdhan Umrah, as being provided during Haj.

11. And Any other matter related to the issue, for the protection of the Haj and umrah pilgrims.

In the name of Almighty, we request you to take appropriate measures.

We pray to Almighty to help us together to stop this menace of pick pocketing and protect all Pilgrims.

We pray to Almighty to help us together to stop this menace of pick pocketing and protect all Pilgrims.

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