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Dear Supporters of Contemporary Thought: Contemporary Thought is reinstated! Thanks so much for your support. This petition will be formally submitted to Goldsmiths as a pdf file and will remain archived and available here online for the foreseeable future.

The History Department's official statement is as follows;

"Goldsmiths has a high regard for philosophical perspectives in its research and teaching.

The MA module in Contemporary Thought was offered in the Department of History, but very few History MA students opted to take the module.

The course in Contemporary Thought will continue to run next year and will, as formerly, be available to postgraduate research students across the College. It may also be an option for students on relevant MA programmes, subject to approved programme structures."

Theme for Contemporary Thought 2010-11: Resistance

First Middlesex, now Goldsmiths; UK philosophy is under threat. We, the undersigned, perceive the announced cut of Howard Caygill's excellent Contemporary Thought seminar and MA Cultural History from the History Department syllabus at Goldsmiths to be part of the more widespread attack on philosophy and the humanities so recently denounced by the UCU Congress, and as exemplified by recent, disastrous events at Middlesex.

We recognise Howard Caygill's Contemporary Thought as world-class. The loss of this MA seminar, which draws students from across the Humanities (and indeed the world) and also serves many PhD students would wreak immeasurable damage to Goldsmiths' global standing and reputation, not to mention educational standards; and, like the closures at Middlesex, it cannot be allowed to stand.


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